Flying Horse

We give felted FlyingHorses - Felt horses to loving hands! In our in-house workshop and in a time-consuming process, these realistic horses are created.
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We offer you lovingly felted FlyingHorse. These realistic horses are produced in a time-consuming process in our own workshop.

Our horses are between 30 and 50 cm long.

We offer two kind of horses:

FlyingHorse No. 1 - "Shire Horse"
FlyingHorse No. 2 - "Konik"

  • Shire HorseShire Horse
  • Shire HorseShire Horse

We make our "Shire Horse" to mountain-sheep wool, fine merino-wool, Mohairgoat. "Konik" is made of mountain-sheep wool, Finland wool, Angora goat wool, fine merino with silk and glass.

size: 50x35 cm
material: nature-wool
color: bright/light

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FlyingHorse No. 3 - "Shettlandpony"

  • ShettlandponyShettlandpony

Our Shetlandponies are made of mountain-sheep wool, merino wool, angora goat wool and Hämatit.

size: 30x20 cm
material: nature-wool
color: dark

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We also manufacture FlyingHorse to order. Send us a photo and we will make you an offer.